Our aims and objective are as listed below:

1. To preach and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to Abureni communities, its environs and beyond.

2. To work with other Christian organisations to foster evangelism and missions, especially reaching out to the unreached of the world.

In 1988, a number of Christians of Abureni area who had concern for soul-winning, came together to form Abureni Evangelistic Team, under a voluntary non-denominational setting.

The Team went from one Abureni community to the other, organising crusades as a means of preaching and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of the area…

New converts from crusades are encouraged to remain faithful by introducing them to existing living churches of their choice. The body has engaged Christian Missionaries who primarily labour to win and follow up souls in the rural areas covering the mission fields.

The vision is to have an operating office in every community in order to enhance the implementation of the outreacH

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